Driven by a shared passion for public service, Richard Stirling and Emma Martinho-Truswell founded Oxford Insights to help governments around the world to increase their impact.

“With 15 years of experience, credibility and global exposure, the team at Oxford Insights is the key reference point for those seeking to deliver public innovation and bring future policy issues to the center of government today”

— Enrique Zapata, Director General, Presidencia de la República, Mexico

We work worldwide to combine the best in technology with the best in government, specialising in areas including artificial intelligence, digital transformation, leadership development, evidence-based policy and technology startups.

We will co-design projects with you to help you define your problem, your approach to solving it, and what success looks like for you. From there, we are at our best when designing solutions and helping you create a great team to make things happen: whether that's a new national strategy, a pilot programme, a redesigned system, a network of like-minded people from around the world, a media event, or a startup accelerator.

Our services


We distil complexity into a clear direction and specific actions. We will help you understand and apply new technologies to build innovative solutions in response to specific policy problems, from thoughtful research through to a practical implementation plan.


We are passionate about helping organisations work ethically and effectively with artificial intelligence technologies. At Oxford Insights, we have the drive, skills, and experience needed to produce an inspiring but practical artificial intelligence strategy for your government or organisation. From conducting in-depth research and interviews, to surveying the global policy climate, we ensure that our recommendations are tailored to each organisation’s unique strengths and challenges.


Public sector reform and digital transformation require outstanding leadership. We run short, focused engagements and workshops to define and finesse your goals and leadership style using coaching, training and new technological approaches. We also bring together leaders from across a sector or sectors for facilitated peer-to-peer learning.

You can read more about our current projects and past work here.