Ensuring inclusive secondary education in an ai age

Oxford Insights’ summer 2019 research report examines whether British education is properly preparing disadvantaged students for a world of widespread automation. You can read it here.

We argue that the UK must respond to the possibility that increased job automation will create a more divided Britain, in which certain groups are left behind whilst others thrive.

We believe that a crucial means to mitigate such potential division is to invest more time and funding into disadvantaged pupils at school, so that they can be educated and prepared for an AI future.

The UK is rightly proud to have set a goal to become a world leader in ethical AI, and commits much time and money within tertiary education to STEM research and training. But UK education must do more within secondary schools, especially for disadvantaged pupils, to ensure that the inequity that exists within the current education system is not further exacerbated by the advent of artificial intelligence.

Download the report (PDF).