Emma Martinho-Truswell

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Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Emma Martinho-Truswell is the co-founder and COO of Oxford Insights. 

Emma's expertise is in setting up teams, projects and systems to solve problems in creative and practical ways. She advises organisations and governments on how to use technology to build leadership capacity and achieve their goals.

As Head of Projects and Strategy at the Open Data Institute, she co-founded the Labora startup hub and designed the ASEAN Data Startup Accelerator; facilitated leadership programmes for the World Bank, the European Commission and Sainsbury’s; and advised on change management for the Governments of Israel, Australia, and Ukraine. 

Emma previously worked in the Australian Prime Minister's Department on G20 policy, as a speechwriter and on public sector transformation. Her research on supporting Prime Ministers for the Institute for Government contributed to redesign of policy functions at 10 Downing Street. She holds degrees in economics and law from the University of Sydney, and studied for her Masters of Public Policy as a Clarendon Scholar at the University of Oxford, where she came first in her class.

Contact: emma [at] oxfordinsights.com