21 August 2018

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From Oxford Insights:

Katie Passey - “When good intentions go bad - the role of technology in terrorist content online”

Isak Nti Asare - “Why Black people don’t start businesses (and how more inclusive innovation could make a difference)”

Emma Martinho-Truswell - “3 Questions about AI that Non-Technical Employees should be able to answer”



British startup FiveAI will start trials of autonomous vehicles in London 2018

While things are relatively quiet in Britain when it comes to publicly testing self-driving cars, U.K. startup FiveAI is looking to shake things up by announcing that it will have a fleet of driverless cars on the road in London by 2019. When FiveAI's vehicles hit the road, they'll join cars from Britain's Autodrive trials, which have been testing for some time already.

British jobs will be wiped out by artificial intelligence, warns Bank chief

Artificial intelligence has the potential to wipe out thousands of British jobs, the Bank of England’s chief economist has warned. Andy Haldane said the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution will see “the machine replacing humans doing thinking things”.

North America

How Google Data Centres are trusting AI to solve a colossal problem!

Google Data Centres are crunching a colossal amount of data every millisecond. With the exploded adoption of the internet worldwide, the amount of data being handled by Google Data centres soon may become unmanageable with ever going need of uninterrupted power supply. No wonder, Google can’t wait for the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence floodgates to open!

South America

Avaya Americas International talks technology and digital transformation in Latin America

Nowadays, the technological sphere we live in is radically changing the way we interact with our ecosystems, from our work environment to the way we shop.Business Chief Latin America had the pleasure of speaking with Galib Karim, Vice President of Avaya Americas International, about his extensive career, Avaya’s new vision and the technological innovations that are being created.

Middle East and North Africa

Smart Meditch to transform life for UAE’s 1.2 million diabetics

Smart meditech breakthroughs in the US$10.71 billion diabetes monitoring market, will transform life for 1.2 million people in the UAE who live with the disease. The innovations span insulin delivery systems, glucometers and other areas specifically targeted to address the many complications that arise from the disease.

Artificial intelligence week Middle East to take place next month in Dubai

The launch of the ‘UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031’ in October last year provided a blueprint for organisations in the Middle East to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their operations in order to improve efficiency and quality of their services and for the betterment of the society. With the AI revolution booming in the region, IQPC Middle East is hosting the inaugural Artificial Intelligence Week Middle East – a one-of-a-kind event - which will bring together global and regional AI leaders in the government, banking and healthcare sector under one roof.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Why South Africa is not ready for an AI-powered future

In South Africa, analysts have delivered enthusiastic reports regarding the economic potential of AI. But the reality is that in South Africa, we are simply not ready to harness even a fraction of the potential that AI presents. There is much planning, investment and policy-making required before local businesses and decision makers can begin to leverage this transformative technology.

Drones driven by AI will track illegal fishing in African waters

Across the African continent, drones are finding innovative uses -- from monitoring displaced populations, to delivering critical medical supplies. Moroccan technology startup ATLAN Space is developing artificial intelligence (AI) to guide autonomous drones so they can scan large areas for "environmental crimes" like illegal fishing, poaching or deforestation.


Which outfit looks best? AI setup to give shoppers smart styling tips

Fashion retailers are making use of artificial intelligence to offer consumers a wider range of options and to provide personal styling suggestions; Hongkongers were privy to what this will mean in the fitting room.

Chinese retail giant JD.com launches open blockchain platform

JD.com, China’s largest retailer and e-commerce provider, has deployed an open blockchain platform to enable customers to have their own blockchain solutions to improve the transparency, efficiency and security of their operations, the company announced on its corporate blog.


Exclusive: How AI and quantum computing are changing cybersecurity

The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing technology have brought equal parts excitement and trepidation to the cybersecurity industry. SecurityBrief spoke to LogRhythm product marketing director Seth Goldhammer about how current security trends will be affected by these emerging technologies.

Artificial intelligence comes to The Oaks Public School

The school will be the first to welcome a new incursion-based program from Australian technology company Neuranext. The Sydney-based company has pioneered a program, AI in Schools, to introduce school-age students to the world of AI and help establish their understanding of the fast-developing technology.

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