04 September 2018

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From Oxford Insights:

André Petheran and Isak Nti Asare - From open data to artificial intelligence: the next frontier in anti-corruption

Laura Caccia - Beyond borders: talking at TEDxLondon

Hannah Miller and Isak Nti Asare - Why every city needs to take action on AI



Artificial intelligence used to predict how cancers will evolve and spread

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to predict how cancers will progress and evolve, which could help doctors design the most effective treatment for each patient.

Is Gmail’s smart reply useful or creepy?

The customised auto-responses come in the latest version of Gmail on the web and expand on a feature already available on Android devices and iPhones. They’re just one more example of how artificial intelligence is seeping into everyday online life, whether it’s to tailor product recommendations or correct spelling.

North America

Artificial intelligence is now a Pentagon priority. Will Silicon Valley help?

In a May memo to President Trump, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis implored him to create a national strategy for artificial intelligence. Mr. Mattis argued that the United States was not keeping pace with the ambitious plans of China and other countries.

Ethical AI standard and the Canadian group making it happen

Industry-wide ethical standards for artificial intelligence may currently be lacking but the CIO Strategy Council says it is ready to create standardised policies to help Canadian companies and governments.

South America

Colombia Looks to Slash Cryptocurrency Tax Rates for Blockchain Startups

The new Colombian president, Iván Duque, has promised that it may cut taxes for crypto and blockchain companies. This is very positive for virtual currency companies in the region that are searching to locate their headquarters.

Middle East and North Africa

UAE to monitor climate change with AI

The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment has launched the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in collaboration with Khalifa University of Science and Technology and the International Renewable Energy Agency at the Ministry’s headquarters in Dubai. The lab utilises artificial intelligence techniques to identify concentrated solar energy locations, monitor and analyse levels and sources of air pollutants in the country.

Saudi Arabia has Sophia, and now Egypt, wants a robot, too

Egypt’s labyrinthine bureaucracy is tiptoeing into the 21st century. The Arab world’s most populous nation is building its own version of Sophia, the robot that was granted Saudi citizenship to dramatize the kingdom’s plan to build a $500 billion futuristic city.

Sub-Saharan Africa

This fintech startup has what it takes to change the credit system in Nigeria

Mines, a Nigerian fintech startup revolutionising the credit system in emerging economies closed a Series A funding round of $13 million earlier this month. The round of funding, which was led by The Rise Fund, a global fund managed by TPG Growth, will enable Mines to intensify talent acquisition to supplement the company’s technical needs, continuous growth in Africa, and expansion to countries in South America and South-East Asia.


What does AI-generated art look like?

An exhibition at Nature Morte in New Dehli showcases the artwork generated not by human hand, but by artificial intelligence.

Japan developing ‘pre-crime’ artificial intelligence to predict money laundering and terror attacks

Japan’s police and military are to separately begin tests of artificial intelligence systems to predict crimes and the activities of suspicious vessels at sea, including the potential threats foreign ships may pose to Japanese territory.

Singapore driving smart nation development through AI education

Singapore is laying down the groundwork for the development of artificial intelligence through education. Two new initiatives led by AI Singapore will target 12,000 industry professionals and young students in an effort to build up local skill sets in AI.


Robots ready to start killing crown-of-thorns starfish on Great Barrier Reef

It looks like a tiny yellow submarine, but this underwater drone is on a mission to kill. In a bid to eradicate the pest, Queensland researchers have developed world-first robots to administer a lethal injection to the starfish using new technology.           

Does artificial intelligence have a role in the wool industry?

The first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence research project, investigated by a collaboration of Australian Wool Innovation, neXtgen Agri Ltd, and the University of Sydney, will investigate the potential of applying AI in the sheep and wool industry.

Katie Passey