Australian Financial Review, 31 January 2019

‘Beware the limitations of artificial intelligence, tech expert warns’ - Emma Martinho-Truswell in the Australian Financial Review, discussing the importance of thinking about where to use AI - and where not to.


Harvard Business Review, 2 August 2018

In her second piece for the Harvard Business Review, COO Emma Martinho-Truswell sets out three questions about AI that all non-technical employees should be able to answer. 


TEDxLondon, 1 July 2018

"Anyone can code, and more than ever that knowledge can empower."

Laura Caccia speaks at TEDxLondon on why code poetry is the avant-garde of our time. 

Progress Magazine, 3 April 2018

Our consultant Hannah Miller writes on the potential of AI for good and some of the ways it's already being applied in international development for Progress Magazine.


France 24, 30 March 2018

Watch Emma Martinho-Truswell on France 24 discussing how AI will impact women's jobs.


Harvard Business Review, 26 January 2018

Our COO, Emma Martinho-Truswell, writes about the potential AI holds for the public sector in the Harvard Business Review.

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World Economic Forum, Davos, 25 January 2018

"Already the UK is recognised as first in the world for our preparedness to bring Artificial Intelligence into public service delivery" - UK PM Theresa May cites our index findings in her address at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos.

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Apolitical, 3 January 2018

Read Apolitical's analysis of the UK's top position in our government AI readiness index.

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Institute on Governance, Canada, 15 December 2017

IOG researcher Mark Robbins dissects the Canadian government's third place performance in our index.


NZ Herald, 13 December 2017

The NZ Herald's discussion of our government AI readiness index, in which New Zealand ranked ninth.


Daily Mirror, 13 December 2017

The Daily Mirror discusses OI's AI readiness index in an article entitled 'Revealed: The countries best prepared to deal with a robot revolution - and it's good news for Brits'.

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UK PM Theresa May's Twitter, 12 December 2017

UK Prime Minister Theresa May tweets about the country topping our AI readiness rankings, quoting Secretary of State for Digital Matt Hancock.

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House of Lords Select Committee on AI, 12 December 2017

Secretary of State for Digital Matt Hancock discusses our index while speaking at the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.


Daily Mail, 12 December 2017

'We're ready for the robots: Britain is the best prepared country in the WORLD for the looming AI revolution, way ahead of Germany and France': coverage of our AI readiness index.


Business Ukraine, September 2017

Our CEO Richard Stirling offers his recommendations to help Ukraine become an open data innovator.