The Open Data Institute - European data economies report

The Open Data Institute commissioned Oxford Insights to write a report on international trade opportunities for data-enabled businesses in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The report, compiled primarily through desk research, consists of high-level analysis of the data economies of these four countries, with in-depth analysis of chosen sectors, and mapping of key stakeholders.

The report can be found online here.



The UK Government Digital Service - OECD procurement playbook

Oxford Insights worked with the UK's Government Digital Service to develop an international playbook of agile ICT commissioning best practices. With our partners at dxw digital we conducted user research with procurement professionals in thirteen countries across the world. We used case studies to test our findings against real life examples, and helped procurement professionals share their experiences globally. We then distilled our findings into "plays" to provide step-by-step guidance for organisations looking to reform their procurement practices. The programme is part of a UK Prosperity Fund initiative dedicated to fighting corruption worldwide by making government procurement processes more open and accountable.

The playbook is now online here, openly available for use by international governments, procurement professionals, and other interested parties.



Open Data Institute - Data trusts: lessons from three pilots report and Exploring data trust certifications report

Oxford Insights worked on the UK’s first data trust pilots with the Open Data Institute and the UK Government’s Office for AI.

The aim of the project was to develop a blueprint for a data trust and understand how we can increase access to data, whilst maintaining trust. The pilots we worked on analysed how a data trust could potentially help to tackle the illegal wildlife trade and reduce food waste. We conducted extensive user research with stakeholders within each industry to understand their concerns, needs, and desires, including organising a roundtable workshop.

As part of the data trust pilot programme, the ODI also commissioned Oxford Insights to write a report on data trust certifications. This short exploratory report explores potential certification models for data trusts, as well as standards that certification models should seek to meet. The report examines various existing institutions and their models of certification to see what standards of assessment might be applied to data trust certification in the future.

The full Data trusts: lessons from three pilots report can be read here; while the data trust certifications report can be found here.



The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office - National Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Mexico

The UK Embassy in Mexico, with support from the Office of the Mexican President, commissioned Oxford Insights to draft a national AI strategy for the Government of Mexico. Mexico will be the first Latin American country, and among the first ten countries in the world, to publish a national AI strategy.

Working with our Mexican partners C Minds, we have interviewed Mexican experts in government, academia, startups and industry to help design a strategy that capitalises on Mexico’s unique circumstances. Our approach has included time spent in-country, public events, private focus groups, organising a reciprocal visit for Mexican officials, and conducting a range of additional qualitative and quantitative research.

Our findings and recommendations for Mexico’s adoption of AI can be found here.



Centre for Public Impact - Finding Legitimacy project

Oxford Insights partnered with with Thwaites Communications to work on a seven-month project for the Centre for Public Impact to explore the concept of legitimacy in government.

We helped to organise discussion events in Brussels, Brixton, New Delhi, Mexico City and Regina, Canada, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to understand how citizens across the world view their governments. Alongside this, we curated an extensive series of articles exploring legitimacy from different perspectives.

You can read about the results of the project here.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Open banking in Mexico report

This report, published in April 2018, reviews the potential benefits of an open banking standard for Mexico for different stakeholders and includes recommendations for moving forward. The study was commissioned by the British Embassy in Mexico and was developed in conjunction with C Minds, the Open Data Institute, and the FinTech Hub.

The full report can be found here.



Bernard van Leer Foundation - Getting the Best from Data Dashboards report

We worked with the Open Data Institute to produce a report investigating how data dashboards can help city authorities make better policies for early child development

Based on interviews with experts and practitioners in early childhood development, cities, and government data teams, we developed recommendations for creating and designing an effective data dashboard.

Read the final report here.



Oxford Insights’ Government AI Readiness Index

We designed and published our own index to help answer the question: 'how ready are the governments of the OECD countries to implement AI for public service delivery'? 

Based on a combination of nine input metrics, ranging from in-country digital skills to government innovation, we calculated a score and rankings system for OECD governments. Our findings were picked up by media outlets and public officials around the world, including being cited by the UK PM Theresa May in her address at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos.

See the rankings and read the report here.



Open Data Leaders Network, Ukraine

We worked with the Open Data Institute as part of the Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) initiative in Ukraine, to shape a unique curriculum for leaders of open data and digital transformation programmes in the country's federal ministries and cities.

Read more about our work in Ukraine here.