Richard Stirling


CEO and co-founder

Richard Stirling has over 10 years’ experience advising governments and corporates on open data strategy and implementation, and is the co-founder and CEO of consulting firm Oxford Insights. His work in open data began in developing the concept for the UK Government, followed by leading the design and implementation of, which remains the world’s leading open data programme. He helped to set up the Open Data Institute, overseeing corporate membership programme and then its consulting work for four years. This included overseeing projects seeking to help organisations gain most from open data, open innovation and data sharing. His role involved advising corporates (such as Thomson Reuters, Syngenta and Deutsche Bank) on their data strategy; supporting governments (such as the UK, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore and Tanzania) designing their data policy; and mentoring successful UK-based data startups (such as Mastodon C and Open Sensors). Richard is a lead steward for the International Open Data Charter and addressed G20 Finance Ministers about the economics of open data.

While working for the UK Government, Richard also advised the UK Prime Minister and Cabinet Office on public sector reform, efficiency and evidence-based decision-making. He holds degrees in law and mathematics from the University of Cambridge.